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Mindful Leadership Degree Programs

Take Your Career To The Next Level

People who are more mindful are better able to recognize their own emotions and their responses to the environment outside of themselves. Applying mindful techniques to everyday life allows us to adapt to situations better, be more conscious of the environment and people around us, and ultimately more compassionate with ourselves and with others. Empower yourself, be taken seriously, and make a positive difference in your personal and professional life with a degree in Mindful Leadership.

Who Is This Program For? 

Mindful leadership is a practice that can be applied in countless professions. Teachers and educators, law enforcement, medical professionals, counselors, managers, coaches, and the list goes on. If you strive to be a better leader and to help others, this program is for you. 

What Can I Do With This Degree?

Numerous large organizations are adapting mindfulness training for their employees. Academic study of the effects of mindfulness in the workplace shows numerous positive benefits including reduction of burnout, improved performance, and better workplace relationships. Our programs in Mindful Leadership can help you to facilitate positive changes through a deeper understanding and connection with your peers. 

Is This Program Flexible?

Our Mindful Leadership programs offer courses online, allowing our students and faculty to join together from all over the globe. Program courses are offered in four 12-week semesters - which means you can earn your degree in less than 2 years!

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