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Tuition Protection Agreement

Atlantic University is confident that the course(s) you have selected for study will be satisfactory. To assure you of this, we provide this cancellation and refund policy. You may change (drop/add) or withdraw from your enrollment agreement verbally or in writing at any time, subject to the limitations and conditions below. Students may contact the administrative offices should they have any concerns.

Upon successful enrollment, a copy of this agreement will be sent to you. Your verbal or written agreement of receipt indicates that you have read and understood this agreement and believe that you have the ability to benefit from this course. Full tuition payment is expected at the time of registration, however, a payment plan is also available.

If you withdraw within five days of enrolling in a course, you will receive a full refund. (Please see withdrawal policy for more information.) Following this five-day period through the first week of the 12-week semester after the official start date of the course, a $50.00 withdrawal fee is required and you will receive a full refund of tuition paid. After the first week of the 12-week semester, the $50.00 withdrawal fee is required for all course withdrawals, and refunds are processed accordingly:

If you withdraw during: Your refund is:
Week 2 80% of course tuition
Week 3
70% of course tuition
Week 4
60% of course tuition
Week 5
50% of course tuition
Week 6
40% of course tuition
Week 7
30% of course tuition
Week 8
20% of course tuition
Week 9
10% of course tuition
Weeks 10-12
No refund available

NOTE: Students choosing a semester payment plan may owe money on the balance of the course tuition due and thus not be eligible for a refund.