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Military Scholarship* 

  • Active Duty/Reserve
  • Veterans
  • Spouse/Dependent of Active Duty or Reserve

Military Students can receive a scholarship in the form of a 20% reduction in tuition. To receive this scholarship, the active duty or reserve service member, veteran, or spouse/dependent of active duty or reserve service member must complete an Atlantic University Military Scholarship application, submit an essay, and show proof of service by supplying the university with supporting documents.

Each scholarship is reviewed annually. The review begins one year from the student’s first enrollment date and will continue each year until graduation or program completion. During this review, you may need to provide updated documents supporting your or your spouse’s/sponsor’s active duty or reserve status. Failure to report changes in military status can cause a revocation of scholarship.

To qualify to receive an Atlantic University Military scholarship:

  1. You must be fully admitted in “unconditional” status (as applicable) to the university prior to applying for a scholarship.
  2. Complete the Atlantic University Military Scholarship Application.
  3. Complete an application essay: The essay should be 500 words describing why you need this scholarship, how it will assist you in reaching your goals, and how you will use your education to help others. 
  4. Supply the university with necessary supporting documents, for example:

-DD-214 (Discharge of Duties), must have Honorable or Other than Honorable discharge

-Letter from Commanding Officer

-Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)

-VA Letter Certifying Military Service

-Copy of military or dependent ID with expiration date

    5. Email all supporting documents and essay to

Applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Application Committee and should be submitted to the university after being accepted to the university and prior to enrolling in courses.

Note: Students whose studies are interrupted due to military obligations will be allowed to return to their AU studies without penalty. Please speak with your faculty mentor and advisor for more details.