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Graduate Admissions

At Atlantic University, graduate students engage in small classes with dedicated faculty who are masters in their fields, recognized by peers, organizations, businesses, and industries across the country.

Read more about Graduate Admission requirements.

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Noncredit Certificate Admissions

 Atlantic University offers non-degree admission for students or those interested in receiving a non-degree certificate for any academic term.

Read more about Noncredit Certificate Admission requirements.

Admissions Information

Atlantic University is a unique institution of higher learning, attracting students with diverse views and backgrounds. This is a community of learners has a desire to not only change themselves for the better, but also alter the way in which we interact with and coexist in the world.

We aim to enroll the most interesting and capable students each term. Students are admitted based on their academics, personal accomplishments, as well as appropriate fit. We are looking at the whole person, not just grades when admitting students into Atlantic University.

When you are ready to apply, the admission staff is here to assist you. If you have questions, contact us at 800-428-1512 or