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Wendy Walter, M.A.

Wendy Walter is a Master Potter, Author, Licensed Esthetician, and Holistic Wellness Coach. She holds a BA in Music and  English from Skidmore College and an MA in Transpersonal Psychology from Atlantic University. She is certified in Somatic Breathwork, The Power of Breath Institute; and Hypnosis though both the National Guild of Hypnotist (NGH) and National Association for Transpersonal Psychology (NATH).

Her teaching style encourages students to expand their perception of themselves through the transpersonal; that what they, say, feel, think, and do are the basis of their personal Alchemy and life manifestation. Wendy founded her business, the Voice of Clay in 1999 in which she interweaves the alchemy of clay into her work as if YOU are the clay, to guide souls back to the heart center, transmuting what may seem like only “a lump of clay” into centered, grounded, purposeful and empowered human beings.

She has published two books, Being ‘Pickity’, (the story of her childhood home) and The Voice of Clay: 365 quotes About Clay; and has two in the works – a clay cookbook and a children’s book titled Simon the Gnome, The Voice of Clay and Magic. 

She lives in Brookline, NH with her husband and two cats Merlin and Arthur. When she is not immersed in the work she loves, she is reading, walking, freewriting, and envisioning effective ways to help people heal.