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​Jenny Wade, Ph.D.

I work in three broad career areas: academia, transformational processes, and business as an educator, research psychologist, and organization development consultant whose practice is dedicated to the maximization of human potential individually and collectively. Atlantic University offers a great opportunity to bring all of those together.

My scholarly pursuits focus on the extension and application of developmental theory, including non-ordinary states of consciousness, to advanced transformation and ethical living. The most conventional use of this theory is optimizing leadership and organization performance for the highest actualization of employee talent and stakeholder interests. I've worked for global corporations and continue to consult to organizations, most recently to Prince Alfred of Leichtenstein and his International Peace Foundation sponsored by the living Nobel Peace laureates, to create a transformational program for leaders.

My more exotic interests involve pre- and peri-natal psychology, altered states triggered by sex, access to "past life" memories, awakening experiences, battle ecstasy, and the basis for ancient northern European paganism. In addition to other academic posts, I am on the editorial board of the Journal of Near-Death Studies and the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology.

I love sharing these and other interests with students, especially inspiring them to pursue their own passions, through research or application. Students who've worked with me are involved in such diverse areas as: psychedelics, Buddhism, altered states, clinical interventions, tango, innovation, the arts, cross-cultural studies, dreams, mental illness, empowerment, enlightenment, propaganda psychology, feminism/women's studies, Islam, men's studies, spiritual transformation, and wealth.