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George Worley, M.A.

Since early childhood, I have been interested in esoteric (by western standards) metaphysical
studies. However, life led me down a more traditional path serving in and retiring from the Air
Force having been a pilot and intelligence officer. Following my retirement, I worked in
Washington D.C. at the Pentagon managing a budget organization. Sensing a need for a
change, I left this more traditional path and started my attendance at Atlantic University (A.U.)
which contributed to a significant spiritual transformation. Following graduation from A.U. with
a Master’s of Transpersonal Psychology, Applied Spirituality, and Certificate in Integrated
Imagery: Regression Hypnosis, I stared my own private hypnotherapy and spiritual guidance
practice near Washington D.C. My practice is a bit different as I work on a gratuity payment
basis never turning clients away due to financial challenges. Now, being part of the Atlantic
University Faculty provides additional opportunities to give back. My website provides
additional biographical details and certification information.