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Douglas Richards, Ph.D.

I have been a faculty member at AU for more than thirty years and have seen the program grow and mature. The curriculum has evolved from a few distance-learning courses to a comprehensive program in transpersonal psychology. It continues to be an exciting opportunity for people who wish to explore a greater dimension of their lives. My particular interests include consciousness, parapsychology, and holistic health. The courses I have developed and taught explore such topics as the nature of psychic phenomena, the origin and destiny of consciousness, energy medicine, and the nature of reality.

In the AU program, students have the choice to complete a culminating project that allows in-depth exploration of an area of particular interest. Some of the student projects for which I have been the advisor include: "An Experimental Therapy for Nightmares Due to Trauma," "Observation of Some Characteristics of Brazilian Mediumistic Incorporation," "Parapsychology and the Media," "Anomalous Nocturnal Experiences: When a Dream is More Than a Dream," "Holistic Health and Holistic Living: A Nursing Perspective," and "Money as a Function of Consciousness."

I am an active researcher and have recent publications in journals ranging from the Journal of Parapsychology to the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. The titles of my articles include "Psi and the Spectrum of Consciousness," "A Study of the Correlations Between Subjective Psychic Experiences and Dissociative Experiences," "Meditation, Consciousness and Psychic Experience," and "Toward a Comprehensive Paradigm for Energy Medicine."