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Mindful Leadership Graduate Certificate

Mindful Leadership Graduate Certificate At a Glance

Offering the ability to bridge the empowering and transformational practice of mindfulness with leadership studies. The certificate in Mindful Leadership provides the opportunity for students to deepen their personal and professional mindfulness practice while learning how to bring their best selves into leadership situations and positions.

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As little as 1 Year
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Graduate Certificate
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The online graduate certificate in Mindful Leadership is designed for people who are looking to use knowledge to create wisdom, in a relatively short amount of time. We have crossed solid leadership study with mindfulness practices in order to create an opportunity for people to tap into their authentic leadership nature--you will learn skills and tactics for leading mindfully that are applicable in all aspects of your life.

Course from graduate certificate can be transferred into the Master of Arts in Mindful Leadership should the student decide they want to pursue a graduate degree.


Degree Requirements

15 Credit Hours, 5 Online Courses (Certificate Completion Plan)

Curriculum Delivery

Courses are offered via Atlantic University's online classroom management system, allowing students and faculty to join together from all over the globe. Courses are offered in four, 12-week semesters.

Required Courses (6 credit hours)

Choose three of the remaining courses (9 credit hours)