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Leadership and Conflict Transformation

At a Glance

In this course of study, the student will not just learn how to resolve conflict, they will learn how to transform it. Students will also learn how to develop skills in personal leadership, peacebuilding, methods to effective listening and dialog, as well as the spiritual ethics involved in both leadership and conflict transformation.

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As little as 1.5 Years (full-time)
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This specialization is designed for students who seek to develop skills in personal leadership and conflict transformation. By coming to a greater awareness of their own feelings, thoughts, and actions, students learn how these qualities affect their ability to become effective leaders in their workplaces and communities. Conflict transformation is based on the premise that conflict resolution is not enough. Conflict ends when the parties to the conflict are transformed, that is when they understand themselves and others in a different light.

The student’s diploma will read, “Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology with a Specialization in Leadership and Conflict Transformation.”



36 Credit Hours, 12 online courses, including a Culminating Project 

39 Credit Hours, 13 online courses 

Curriculum Delivery

All courses are offered online allowing students and faculty from all over the globe to interact and learn from one another. Courses are offered in four, 12-week semesters.

Core Required Courses (15 credit hours)

Remaining Electives (9-12 credit hours)

Choose from any specialization to fulfill credit hours*

9 Credit hours if completing TP6999: Culminating Project

12 Credit hours in lieu of Culminating Project

*Recommended Electives: TP6300: Leading from the Inside Out, TP6305: Spirituality & Ethics in Leadership, TP6315: Leadership and Learning.