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Ignite the limitless flame of creativity and artistic expression that is burning in your soul. Not only will you tap into your own creative expression, but you will have the opportunity in influence others to open up to the divine creative forces slumbering within.

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As little as 1.5 Years (full-time)
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The purpose of this specialization is to guide students who wish to learn about active imagination and explore their creative nature in a focused, conscious manner through the visual arts, writing, or other forms of creative expression within a body-mind-spirit context. A conscious creative expression is a powerful tool for personal transformation. This tool can be explored and utilized by individuals, no matter what level of artistic background they possess. Although some students taking courses in this specialization may possess extensive training and already be working professionally in some form of creative expression. Students with little or no artistic training are invited to use these courses as a way of initiating a closer connection to their own creative expression and to explore the role of the active imagination in their lives.

The student’s diploma will read, “Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology with a Specialization in Creativity.”



36 Credit Hours, 12 online courses, including a Culminating Project (Degree Completion Plan)

39 Credit Hours, 13 online courses (Degree Completion Plan)

Curriculum Delivery

All courses are offered online allowing students and faculty from all over the globe to interact and learn from one another. Courses are offered in four, 12-week semesters.

Core Required Courses (15 credit hours)

Electives (18-21 credit hours)

Choose from any specialization to fulfill credit hours*

18 Credit hours if completing TP6999: Culminating Project

21 Credit hours in lieu of Culminating Project

*Recommended Electives: TP5250: Introduction to Visual Art Skills, TP6205: Nonfiction Writing on Transpersonal Subjects, TP6405: Mandala Creation as a Transformative Practice, and/or any course from the Applied Spirituality specialization