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Applied Spirituality

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The Applied Spirituality Specialization allows the student to first obtain a strong foundation in theories and philosophies of transpersonal psychology, then dive deeply into the principles and practices of learning how to effectively mentor others on their spiritual path.

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As little as 1.5 Years (full-time)
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The Applied Spirituality specialization is designed for those interested in learning more about themselves and becoming spiritual mentors to others. Once students have completed the core curriculum, they can advance to the specialized classes that address the practical application of spirituality in personal growth and mentorship.

Designed to develop these skills, the Applied Spirituality specialization delves into body–mind–spirit principles, mentoring skills, and the application of these skills within a local community. This opportunity to work with others outside of the classroom occurs during practicums for Becoming a Teacher of Meditation (TP6000), Becoming a Teacher of Finding Your Mission in Life (TP6005), and Becoming a Teacher of Dream Work and Dream Interpretation (TP6010). In addition, students will learn holistic self-assessment techniques, the Enneagram and Human Design System, in Prisms of the Soul: Holistic Self-Assessment Tools (TP5065). The Transpersonal Relationship: Holistic Mentoring and Applied Intuitive Arts (TP5070) will build upon what the student has learned in previous course work and move deeper into interpersonal skills and helping techniques. Students will also learn the structure, strategies, communication, and boundaries of spiritual mentorship in Principles and Practices of Spiritual Mentorship (TP5055). TP5055 is taken after the other four specialized courses have been completed so students can draw upon what they have learned beforehand when completing various assignments for the course.

Upon completion of the program, students will have a clear understanding of Transpersonal Psychology as well as knowledge in the practical application of spirituality and spiritual mentoring.

The student’s diploma will read, “Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology with a Specialization in Applied Spirituality.”



36 Credit Hours, 12 online courses, including a Culminating Project (Degree Completion Plan)

39 Credit Hours, 13 online courses (Degree Completion Plan)

Curriculum Delivery

All courses are offered online allowing students and faculty from all over the globe to interact and learn from one another. Courses are offered in four, 12-week semesters.

Core Required Courses (15 credit hours)


Choose from any specialization to fulfill credit hours

9 Credit hours if completing TP6999 Culminating Project

12 Credit hours in lieu of Culminating Project option