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Spiritual Guidance - Course Book List

All students should purchase the 7th edition of the APA Publication Manual to ensure they meet Atlantic University's required writing style: American Psychological Association (7th ed.) APA -Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. ISBN-10:1433805618/ ISBN-13:978-1433805615 PRICE: $31.50

***PLEASE NOTE: Textbooks SHOULD NOT be purchased until semester enrollment has been confirmed.***

All courses are listed numerically

TP5005 Spiritual Crisis

The Stormy Search for Self

Grof, S., & Grof, C. (1992). The Stormy Search for Self: A Guide to Personal Growth Through Transformational Crisis. New York, NY: Jeremy P. Tarcher. ISBN-10: 087477649X. Price: $16.95

Case Studies in Schizophrenia

McMillin, D. (1997). Case Studies in Schizophrenia. Virginia Beach, VA: A.R.E. Press. ISBN-10: 0876043821. Price: $140.76

(Note: A PDF copy of this book is supplied in the classroom.)


TP5050 Religion, Spirituality, and the Transpersonal

The World's Religions

Smith, H. (2009). The World's Religions. (50th anniversary ed.). New York, NY: HarperOne. ISBN-13: 978-0061660184. Price: $16.99

Mystics, Masters, Saints, and Sages

Ullman, R. & Reichenberg-Ullman, J. (2001). Mystics, Masters, Saints, andSages: Stories of Enlightenment. Berkeley, CA: Red Wheel/Weiser. ISBN-10: 1573245070. Price: $21.95

Mysticism and the Spiritual Quest

Zagano, P. (2013). Mysticism and the Spiritual Quest: A Crosscultural Anthology. Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press. ISBN-13: 978-0809146260. Price: $17.42


TP5055 Principles and Practices of Spiritual Mentorship

Spiritual Guidance across Religions

Mabry, J. (2014). Spiritual Guidance Across Religions: A Sourcebook for Spiritual Directors and Other Professionals Providing Counsel to People of Differing Faith Traditions. Woodstock, Vermont: Skylight Paths Publishing. ISBN-13: 978-1594735462. Price: $50.00**

Spiritual Direction

Pickering, S. (2011). Spiritual Direction: A Practical Introduction. London, England: Canterbury Press. ISBN-10: 1853118850. Price: $28.99 (Note: The 2008 edition is available in LIRN.)

Beyond Soul Growth

Christy, Lynn Sparrow (2013) Beyond Soul Growth. Virginia Beach, Virginia: A.R.E Press.

(Note: A PDF copy is available for download in the online classroom)

Spiritual Direction 101

Blythe, Teresa (2018). Spiritual Direction 101 Berkeley, CA: Apocryphile Press


TP5070 The Transpersonal Relationship: Holistic Mentoring and Applied Intuitive Arts

The Eclectic Practitioner

Edge, L. W. (2011). The Eclectic Practitioner: Becoming Holistic. Virginia Beach, VA: KT Press. ISBN: 978-0615553115 Price: $19.12 (signed copies available)

The Art of Uncertainty

Jones, D. M. (2011). The Art of Uncertainty: How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It. NY: Tarcher/Penguin. ISBN: 978-1585428724 Price: $14.29


TP5150 Psychology of Creativity

The Creative Brain

Andreasen, N. C. (2006). The Creative Brain. New York, NY: Penguin Group. ISBN -13: 978-0452287815. Price: $15.00

Creativity for Life

Maisel, E. (2007). Creativity for Life. Novato, California: New World Library. ISBN-13: 978-1577315582. Price: $19.95

Creative Synergy

Paine-Clemes, B. (2015). Creative Synergy. Virginia Beach, VA: Fourth Dimension Press. ISBN 13: 978-0-87604-813-9. Price: $17.95


Weisberg, R. W. (2006). Creativity. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. ISBN-13: 978-0471739999. Price: $73.07


TP5155 Creating a Meaningful Life

Finding Your Way in a Wild New World

Beck, M. (2013). Finding Your Way in a Wild New World: Reclaim Your True Nature to Create the Life you Want. New York, NY: Atria Books. ISBN-13: 978-1451624601. Price: $16.00

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

Dispenza, J. (2012). Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One. New York, NY: Hay House USA. ISBN-13: 978-1-4019-3808-6. Price: $11.82

Emergence: The shift from ego to essence

Hubbard, Barbara Marx (2012 – 2nd edition) Emergence: The shift from ego to essence. Red Wheel Weiser: San Francisco


TP6000 Becoming a Teacher of Dream Work/Dream Interpretation

Our Dreaming Mind

Van de Castle, R. L. (1994). Our Dreaming Mind. New York, NY: Ballantine Books. ISBN-13: 978-0345396662. 

The PDF copy can be purchased here.

The Wisdom of Your Dreams

Taylor, J. (2009)  The Wisdom of Your DreamsNew York, NY: Jeremy Tarcher/Penguin. ISBN-13: 978-1585427543.

Working with dreams

Harthan, J. (2013). Working with dreams. CreateSpace. Available in paperback and Kindle formats. Another on-line source is


TP6005 Becoming a Teacher of Finding Your Mission in Life

Discovering Your Soul's Purpose

Thurston, M. (2017).  Discovering your soul's purpose. New York, NY: Penguin Random House, LLC.


TP6010 Becoming a Teacher of Meditation and the Inner Life

Meditation: An In-Depth Guide

Gawler, I. & Bedson, P. (2011). Meditation: An In-Depth Guide. New York, NY: Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin. ISBN-13: 9781585428618. Price: $16.85

Peace is Every Step

Hanh, T. N. (1991). Peace is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life. New York, NY: Bantam. ISBN-13: 978-0553351392. Price: $9.16

Meditation Secrets for Women

Maurine, C.. & Roche, L. (2001). Meditation Secrets for Women: Discovering Your Passion, Pleasure, and Inner Peace. San Francisco, CA: Harper. ISBN-13: 978-0062516978. Price: $13.61