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Why Mindfulness Matters...

The concept of mindfulness originates in ancient Eastern philosophies. Within the last 50 years, mindfulness has expanded in the West, impacting psychotherapy, leadership, education, business, healthcare, and well-being sectors. Relying on research, contemporary neuroscience, and human behavior, the field of mindfulness studies has become a mainstream academic pathway as well as a mainstay of professional training. Mindfulness is a learned discipline based on advanced awareness of self and others in the present moment. Acting with the right intention, the mindfulness practitioner operates without judgment and with increased awareness in their family, work environment, and community spheres. Thus, their own spiritual development enriches those around them in transformative ways. Mindfulness Studies at Atlantic University encompass the academic study of the holistic dimensions of mindfulness.

Two Transformational Programs

Courses are offered via Atlantic University's online classroom management system, allowing students and faculty to join together from all over the globe. Courses are offered in four 12-week semesters.