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Lifelong Learning

At a Glance

The Lifelong Learning program is for seekers who wish to immerse themselves in an innovative online learning environment, which focuses on holistic healing, spiritual development, and the teachings of Edgar Cayce. These students want to learn more about themselves and others for both their personal enrichment and professional development. Atlantic University's distance learning, noncredit courses brings the knowledge to you!

This program allows students to take individual courses at Atlantic University* without enrolling in a full program. Courses at Atlantic University are structured to allow the student to learn all they can from the material presented. Students must complete all assignments, contribute to the weekly discussion posts, and adhere to university guidelines. Online university courses are not workshops or lectures. They are intensive learning experiences that require the student to work hard, study, and contribute. At the end of the 12-week experience, students will be more knowledgeable about the subject they're studying. 

Certificates are awarded to those who successfully complete the course.  

*List of eligible courses below

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Atlantic University has instituted a noncredit option for lifelong learners. Almost all of the courses at the university can be taken at the noncredit level (some restrictions apply). The Lifelong Learning program is a great option for those who do not wish to pursue a graduate degree or a formal certificate, but still want to participate in all that Atlantic University has to offer. And, the online format is great for those who cannot travel to Virginia Beach for on-campus programs. 

There are no prerequisite requirements for participation in Lifelong Learning courses and students will study with the same mentors as in the degree and certificate programs. Courses taken at the noncredit level do not have academic credit and are not transferable to the master’s degree program.



Course Delivery

Courses at Atlantic University are delivered in an asynchronous online environment. Asynchronous learning happens on your schedule. While your course of study, instructor, or the program will provide materials for reading, lectures for viewing, assignments for completing, and exams for evaluation, you can access and satisfy these requirements on your own schedule, so long as you meet the expected deadlines. Common methods of asynchronous online learning include self-guided lesson modules, pre-recorded video content, virtual libraries, lecture notes, and online discussion boards or social media platforms.

Program Objectives

This unique experience is available to those seeking profound personal growth and enrichment through noncredit instruction. The program is designed to be an innovative learning experience that will not only result in expanding the student’s vocabulary and knowledge in this field of study but will also work to augment various professional career paths and enhance personal growth.

Program Expectations

Lifelong Learning students are:

  • Held to the course deadlines for assignments;
  • Required to read the required material and to respond to the topic assigned (versus digressing from the assigned topic);
  • Required to complete practicums when assigned;
  • Expected to write clearly using proper grammar and punctuation.

Lifelong learning students are not:

  • Held to strict APA standards in formatting written assignments (but must cite sources properly);
  • Required to take proctored exams.

At the discretion of the faculty member and the specific course being taught, some assignments may be identified in the course as optional for noncredit students. Faculty members may also elect to modify assignment requirements for noncredit students, such as word count or page count.

All grades for noncredit students are either Successfully Completed (SC) or Not Successfully Completed (NC). This grading criterion is used for all assignments and the final course grade.

Lifelong Learning Tuition

Invest in yourself.

This personal journey of self-discovery will be one of the most valuable investments you will ever make. Earn a Certificate of Completion* from an accredited university!

Each Lifelong Learning course is $855 for 12 weeks of online instruction. 

Learn more about tuition, payment plans, and Military and Nonprofit Scholarships



Lifelong Learning students may enroll in most courses in the Transpersonal Psychology curriculum, with the following exceptions:

Integrated Imagery: Regression Hypnosis (IIRH) courses: TP6115, TP6120, TP6125


Curriculum Delivery

All courses are offered online allowing students and faculty from all over the globe to interact and learn from one another. Courses are offered in four, 12-week semesters.