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Transformative. Inspired. Mindful.

As a spiritually centered and mindfully focused institution, Atlantic University's mission is to provide an environment where all learners personally integrate the concepts and theories of the body, mind, spirit connection while striving to achieve higher human potential, to better understand their interconnected relationship to all life, and to be of profound service to others.

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I discovered Atlantic University as I was making my way through a profoundly transformative and challenging Spiritual Crisis.  As I looked through their catalog, I could hardly believe that they actually had a course on various types of Spiritual Crises!  In that moment, I knew this was the school for me.  I’m so grateful that I was able to find a program that not only helped me to understand my crisis more deeply but that helped me to heal as well.  Since graduating, I’ve been focusing my energy on providing support to women undergoing various types of life transitions as an author, a certified Yoga Instructor, and a Spiritual Guidance Mentor.  

-Lynda Wisdo, Class of 2012

The Atlantic University Experience