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Transformative. Inspired. Mindful.

As a spiritually centered and mindfully focused institution, Atlantic University's mission is to provide an environment where all learners personally integrate the concepts and theories of the body, mind, spirit connection while striving to achieve higher human potential, to better understand their interconnected relationship to all life, and to be of profound service to others.

Eileen Bild

I found my way to Atlantic University as I was going through some life changes and [a personal] awakening. Through the wonderful classes at Atlantic University, I learned many things about myself, experienced much soul searching, and found an avenue for personal and professional growth. I am now a Certified Life Coach, Producer / Videographer / Photographer and published writer. My focus is on core thinking, and living life to the fullest, and helping others to align with their purpose and passion.

-Eileen Bild, Class of 2010

The Atlantic University Experience