September 5-December 11
Apply by July 17

Dream Work and Dream Interpretation Teacher Training** 
Deepen your appreciation for the role played by dreams in personal growth and transformation. Learn to understand your dreams better and help others understand their dreams. Examine the important role waking life plays in the dream world, and the role of personal responsibility and ethics in working with the dreams of others. Course requirements include a practicum. Learn more about Become a Teacher of Dream Work and Dream Interpretation

**This course will not provide the student with the background to offer psychotherapy or other therapeutic counseling which requires special training and state licensure.

Mandala Creation as a Transformative Practice
Engage in a personal exploration of mandalas through the creative process. Using a variety of methods and materials, you will create a series of mandalas, observe this process as it unfolds in a series of images over time, and experience firsthand the transformation that can come from the conscious creation of mandalas. You will explore the symbolism of mandalas through intuitive interpretation, dreams, and the synchronistic patterns that manifest in waking life while you engage in this practice. Learn more about Mandala Creation as a Transformative Practice.

The ideal of Lifelong Learning courses is to meet the student right where they are. All courses are offered online in a structured 14-week format. Throughout the entire course, each student has direct access to the weekly lesson material, a community of students, and to the knowledgeable instructor. Each class experience is designed to speak to those who have a passion to live this life and the next to the fullest. 

Most courses contain a practicum, case study, or project enabling the student to gain a better understanding of the coursework. A Certificate of Completion is available upon request once the student has successfully completed each course.  

Almost all of the Transpersonal Psychology courses offered at Atlantic University can be taken as part of the Lifelong Learning Program*. This is a great option for those who do not wish to pursue a degree or certificate but still want to participate in all that Atlantic University has to offer. 

There are no prerequisite requirements for participation in these courses. While the content of the Lifelong Learning courses are similar to the content in the degree program, these are of a less rigorous nature, do not have academic credit, and are not transferable to the Master of Arts degree program.

*The Integrated Imagery: Regression Hypnosis courses are excluded from the Lifelong Learning program. They are only offered as a part of the Masters in Transpersonal Psychology or as a Graduate Certificate and have application strict criteria. Courses in the Leadership and Conflict Transformation specialization are also excluded. 

What do I need to apply?

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Completed Application
  • Application essay
  • $35 application fee, non-refundable


Apply by November 13, 2016

Meditation Teacher Training
Drawing up sources from Eastern and Western traditions, deepen your appreciation for methods for connecting with your inner spiritual resources. As you deepen your own inner life, you will be better prepared to act as a guide, teacher, or mentor to others. Course requirements include a practicum. Learn more about Become a Teacher of Meditation and the Inner Life.

The immediate purpose of this course is to guide you through self-hypnosis, so that you will have experienced for yourself what it is like to make changes or receive guidance from this process. In this course, you will teach yourself various methods and applications of self-hypnosis by reading material and through actual practice. Learn more about The Spiritual Applications of Self-Hypnosis.

May 9-August 14
Apply by March 27

Finding Your Mission in Life Teacher Training
Develop skills and methods that will allow you to clarify your own mission in life so you can help others find theirs Drawn largely from the material found in Edgar Cayce’s nearly 2,000 life readings—clairvoyant, spiritual counseling discourses given to individuals between 1923 and 1944—this course material provides a framework that is easily adaptable to contemporary seekers. Course requirements include a practicum. Learn more about Become a Teacher of Finding Your Mission in Life.

Parapsychology: Insights into Psychic Phenomenon 
Survey the field of parapsychology, including spontaneous psychic experiences, studies of mediums and psychics, experimental studies, and the relationship of psychic phenomena to religious experience. The course combines intellectual and experiential approaches and compares methods used to study and experience various types of psychic phenomena. There are also opportunities for you to explore your own psychic ability, and to conduct a study of the psychic abilities of others. Learn more about the Principles of Parapsychology.

Option 1: Pay in full
  • One full tuition payment at time of enrollment 
Option 2: Semester Payment Plan**
  • One payment at the time of course enrollment
  • Three additional payments during the semester
  • Completely interest free
Option 3: Third Party
  • Employer Voucher/Reimbursement
**Tuition must be paid in full prior to enrolling in the next semester.

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SUMMER 2016 Highlight
Accepting Applications NOW!

Accepting Applications NOW!
What do I need to apply?

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Completed Application
  • Application essay
  • $35 application fee, non-refundable


Want to talk to an Admissions Advisor? or call us at 800-428-1512

Tuition Payment Options:
Graduate Without Debt

​    $750 per course*

  • ​Application Fee: $35
  • Course Extension Fee: $35
  • Withdrawal Fee: $50
  • Transcript Fee: $10


Learn more about tuition, fees, and payment plan​
Life Long Learning: Affordable courses to enrich your life.
Noncredit students are: 
  • Held to the course deadlines for assignments.
  • Required to read the required material and to respond on the topic assigned (versus digressing from the assigned topic).
  • Required to complete practicums when assigned.
  • Expected to write clearly using proper grammar and punctuation. 

Noncredit students are not:
  • Held to meet strict APA standards on writing assignments.
  • Required to take a Proctored Exam.  

At the discretion of the faculty member and the specific course being taught, some assignments may be identified in the course as optional for noncredit students. Faculty members may also elect to modify assignment requirements for noncredit students, such as word count or page count.  

All grades for noncredit students are either Successfully Completed (SC) or Not Successfully Completed (NC). This grading criteria is used for all assignments and the final course grade.
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FALL 2016 Highlight
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